Sunday, December 18, 2011

New video!

Have you missed us?  Here is a video from our home visits!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Extra, extra: Read all about it!

So we made some press!

Last Friday, Kelsey and I had a press conference at ANDI which ended up being FILLED! We were in a large boardroom with about 20 people with cameras, video cameras, boom mics, and about a million questions!

There were 2 different news channels and a bunch of people from newspapers.

The press conference prepared us for our big event, which had TONS of press as well!

I haven't been able to find the video newsclips online yet, but here is a scanned photo of one of the newspaper articles on our exhibition! Sorry if you don't read Spanish, but you can at least see the pictures of us!

Friday, December 9, 2011

We made the switch!

Because we are hoping this project does not just end as our time comes to a close in Honduras, we have purchased a domain name to create our own little corner in the internet.  Now, instead of trying to remember the entire long web address, you can simply type in to visit this website!  Over the next few months we will continue to develop and integrate this website's features, but we have taken the first step!

Although our project in Honduras is coming to a close stay tuned in January to follow the adventures of Meagan and Annie as they head to India to share our love of photography with more children.  This is hopefully just the beginning of a wonderful opportunity to share art around the world with populations of people who would normally not have access.  We will continue using this blog to share our love of photography, social justice, and traveling with the world, while reflecting on our experiences and sharing our future plans.  Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well, after over 375+ hours of work, and one incredible ride, we have completed our project and had our photo exhibit last night!!

We are SO happy, relieved, and PROUD of all of the work that was put into this by everyone involved!

For those of you who couldn't make it, we have put together a permanent website so you can view the gallery online! Watch the intro video on the homepage- we showed it as our introduction to the night!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Student spotlight: Adonay

Before, I lived with my parents in a small town. We were very poor.  I always dreamed of studying a lot and being somebody in life, but I didn’t have anyone to support me.  Then my parents became very sick.  I had to sell fire wood to be able to buy my school supplies.  I left sixth grade before I was ten years old.  Later, all of my brothers left the house, and later my older brother was killed.  I was the only one who stayed with my parents, in the middle of that poverty.  My objective was always to continue my studies to be able to help my parents.  When I turned fourteen I left my parents to work and pay for my studies, but the place I went to didn’t treat me well.  There was a time when I couldn’t bear it anymore.  Later I heard about ProNiño and I knew there I could continue studying.  One day I decided to leave that house and go to ProNiño and ask for help.  Thank God they supported me.  Like that I continue studying, thinking that one day I will be able to help my parents live differently.  My dream is to become a lawyer because they aren’t respecting the rights of the child.  Here I continue in ProNiño where they give me love, respect and care.  Now I’m happy because I’m attaining my objectives, and learning new things like photography, music, theatre and other things.  

22 hours until the exhibition

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Student Spotlight: Enrique

Enrique, 16

I was in the street before ProNiño, hanging out with my friends.  I used drugs before, and I assaulted and stole from people, but now I’ve been in ProNiño for four years.  I’m studying in a technical school in Guayma to be a car mechanic.  I also want to take advantage of opportunities to learn other trades.  My dream is to have my own shop when I become a professional mechanic, and to one day be able to help my family.  With my strength and my intelligence I know that I’m going to succeed. 

3 days until the exhibition!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Student spotlight: Pedro

Pedro, 15, Baracoa
Photo by Pedro
When I left for the streets at four years old I began begging, and after six years old I started smoking cigarettes, huffing glue, smoking marijuana, crack cocaine, cocaine, and one time I injected heroine. When I was growing up I only begged for drugs, I asked for food, but when they wouldn’t give me cash I would steal.  I was using drugs to endure and subdue my hunger. One day, I decided no more drugs, I stopped smoking and I left for my uncle’s house.  He understood me really well, and supported me in finding help. Right now, it’s been three years since I smoked any drugs.  I thank God for bringing me back from this vice, because it’s damaging and many people die for it.  I’m not ready to die yet.  My dream is to be a carpenter, and I thank ProNiño for giving me the opportunity to learn many new skills such as carpentry, farming, playing the flute and more.  Thanks to Meagan and Kelsey for being here with us, and everything they do because they could be spending this time with their families but instead they come dedicate their time to us.  I want to thank both for all they have given us. 

4 days until the exhibition!
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